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God has extraordinarily blessed the work of our hands in the historic Portland area on Louisville's west side. Even with limited kitchen space, hundreds of individuals are ministered to each week at Cup of Joy Coffee Shop and Cafe. On Sundays, we have the privilege of gathering with 90+ men and women for worship service and then serve them a free, hot meal. The majority of these men and women are from local sober living homes.

By adding a 10' x 30' addition onto the back of the existing Cup of Joy building (Kitchen Expansion Project), we believe overall expenses will be reduced by allowing us to more effectively use volunteers and giving us the space needed to accept donated food items which we currently are not able to receive due to lack of refrigerator and freezer space. The modest expansion (10' x 30') will make a profound difference, allowing additional space for volunteers to prepare food and for food storage via a commercial refrigerator and freezer. The cost of these units is not included in the kitchen expansion project.

Thank you for your consideration of donating toward this project. The total cost of the expansion itself is $36,875. We have received a grant of $15,000 and several additional donations, leaving us approximately $7,000 away from our goal of having the project fully funded. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. Click the DONATE button below to help us fully fund the kitchen expansion.

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